ASD Parental Support: Keeping you informed, helping you cope.


New to Autism?

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Are you a parent in Iowa who has newly discovered that your child has an autism spectrum disorder? This site is designed to help give you the resources and direction you need - up front. As another parent who has experienced the pain, frustration, and stress (and yes, joy) of trying to raise an autistic child, I hope to provide some guidance and helpful pointers that will bring you some stability and peace of mind.

Tons of Questions?

Your first questions probably are "What caused my child's autism and what does that mean for our family?" Go to New Diagnosis? now.

Your next question is likely to be "What kind of treatment and help is available?" See Interventions for tips on diet and nutrition, various therapies, and a few activities known to improve some symptoms.

Lots of Anxiety?

If you just want to know how you are going to make it through tomorrow's rages, tears, and stress, check out Family Resources. Particular assistance within the state of Iowa is available under Iowa Resources.